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India loves SUVs with high ground clearance

March 18 2020 , Written by Manas Sharma Published on #highest ground clearance SUVs

There are a number of reasons to explain India’s love for SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles). Among these, high ground clearance ranks right at the very top. High ground clearance is indicative of a relatively high centre of mass for the car, which reflects in the car’s elevated and imposing road presence. Cars known to have the highest ground clearance are certain to have a phenomenal ability to navigate over rough terrains and potholed or uneven roads. 
The most comfortable rides are delivered by SUVs with a ground clearance of 200 mm or above; these include Mahindra XUV 500, Tata Xenon XT, and Ford EcoSport, among others. However, two vehicles that take the cake in the SUV segment are the Tata Nexon and the Renault DUSTER, both of which have a ground clearance of 209 mm and 210 mm respectively 
High ground clearance is suitable for off-roading terrains 
With SUVs offering 4x4 ability, many individuals enjoy testing their vehicles on difficult courses that involve grass, slush and dirt. Of course, it pays to have the highest ground clearance SUVs here. Along with good ground clearance, these SUVs are also equipped with firm suspension systems, making them suitable for driving on diverse Indian roads. Even if you are not a motoring enthusiast, you may still be driving your SUV on several mountainous terrains or difficult roads. Now, won’t you agree that while you are on a road trip, you would certainly want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the location without having to worry about car troubles? That’s precisely why SUVs are considered for adventurous road trips. Moreover, if you happen to be a fan of sand dunes, it would be an adrenaline-pumping experience to test out your 4x4 SUV in the Thar desert.
People love the size of an SUV
The popular saying “Size does matter” certainly holds true in the case of SUVs for Indians. Not only is an SUV suitable to comfortably seat 5-7 people, but it also accommodates large amounts of luggage with ease. A large SUV is also indicative of a highly positive social symbol for many in India.  
Diesel is cheaper than petrol
Choosing the highest ground clearance SUVs will be more cost effective for most buyers in the long run as compared to petrol-powered alternatives. Diesel continues to be a cheaper fuel than petrol, but on the other hand, whether we wish to acknowledge the fact or not, an SUV will always guzzle more fuel than a hatchback or a sedan would. 
Many speed breakers in India tend to arise out of the blue, catching many drivers off-guard and making them take sudden action. Even if one overlooks potholes, any car with low ground clearance is likely to get its underbelly scraped on abrupt and unmarked speed breakers. It is due to such reasons that SUVs with the highest ground clearance such as the Renault DUSTER are one of the most suitable cars for Indian roads.

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