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Things That You Need to Know if You are Going on an Off-roading Trip

November 22 2018 , Written by Manas Sharma Published on #Best Ground Clearance Car, #High Ground Clearance Car

While the city roads provide a lot of challenges, if you decide to go off-roading then you need to be prepared for it. It’s not just about picking the right vehicle for the trip, but also following a few simple driving rules.

1.    Get the Right Vehicle

Before you head off-road, you need to have the right vehicle for the job. While power is one of the important requirements, it’s essential to have the best ground clearance car depending on the level of difficulty of the terrain. While off-roading you will encounter roads with big boulders, ditches, streams, sand and a lot more, hence it’s essential to have the car with a good ground clearance, so as to prevent damage.

2.    Move Slowly and Steadily

When it comes to off-roading, it is important to move as slowly as possible. When you go over a speed-breaker you slow down so that your vehicle isn’t damaged and you are not thrown off the seat. The same philosophy applies for the ups and downs of an off-roading track. The boulders and the uneven surface might damage your car if you drive over them too fast. It’s best to slow down, gauge the challenge at hand and alter your speed according to the need.

3.    Keep the Tyre Pressure Low

As a simple rule, you can reduce the tyre pressure to 75% of the recommended tyre pressure when you go off-roading. This is so that a larger part of the surface area of the tyre can come in contact with the terrain, improving traction. If the tyre is inflated properly it would be perfect on good roads giving a smooth ride and great fuel economy but if you use the same pressure on an off-roading track, the high pressure would cause the vehicle to bounce more affecting the handling of the vehicle.

4.    Use the Lowest Gear You Have

When you are driving on slippery roads or over big boulders or on a steep decline, it is best to move to the lowest gear. This provides you with higher control over the vehicle so that you can tackle every situation with ease.

5.    Get Help

 While off-roading you might come up with a lot of challenging situations that need proper evaluation before you head into them. If you are unsure of what you need to do or cannot see the obstacle properly, then you should ask your co-passengers to help you out. An extra set of eyes will always help. It is best to ask them to get out of the vehicle, gauge the situation, discuss the strategy with you and then guide you past the obstacle.

6.    Turn Around

While getting help is the right option, if you are still not sure of how to tackle the obstacles, it is best to just turn back or find an alternate route. Why damage the vehicle or worse - have an accident, when you can enjoy a pleasant ride back home.

There are a lot of tough yet beautiful roads in India, but in order to tackle them it is important that you follow the tips given above. It is also essential to carry the right equipment including a full tank of fuel, fire-extinguishers, tool kit, tow rope, spare tyre, your mobile phone and a first aid kit. But most importantly, remember that every off-roading trip is successful only if you have the best ground clearance car e.g. The Renault CAPTUR and the Renault DUSTER AWD both have a ground clearance of 210 mm, which makes them the best bets when it comes to going off the beaten path.

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