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Best SUVs to buy within INR 10 lakh

April 19 2020 , Written by Manas Sharma Published on #"New SUV cars in India"

Let us say that you have a maximum budget of INR 10 lakhs, give or take a few thousands, to purchase a new car. Most of you would prefer to purchase one of the new SUV cars in India, as this is one of the most rapidly growing segments of vehicles in the...

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India loves SUVs with high ground clearance

March 18 2020 , Written by Manas Sharma Published on #highest ground clearance SUVs

There are a number of reasons to explain India’s love for SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles). Among these, high ground clearance ranks right at the very top. High ground clearance is indicative of a relatively high centre of mass for the car, which reflects...

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Best 7 seater cars in India you can own under 8 lakh

March 2 2020 , Written by Manas Sharma Published on #Renault Triber

Indians love to carry their entire family along, whenever they are going out on trips. Today, more and more consumers are looking out for vehicles that will fulfill their driving requirements and their family’s overall requirements at an affordable price....

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How to Tide the Roads Less Travelled

February 26 2020 , Written by Manas Sharma Published on #cars with high ground clearance

India is a diverse country with a vast variety of road conditions. In fact, different parts of the country showcase road conditions as diverse as snow, sand, dirt, tar, and of course, potholed roads. Out of these, individuals are most troubled by potholed...

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What Makes the New Renault KWID an Ideal Car for Small Families

December 23 2019 , Written by Manas Sharma Published on #renault kwid specifications, #renault kwid, #new kwid

Every season has its own charm, and winter is no different. As offices and schools break for the year-end Holiday Season, it is time to finally plan that long-awaited road trip with your family. If you are based in and around Delhi, now would be an ideal...

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Think Ground Clearance, Think SUVs

November 25 2019 , Written by Manas Sharma Published on #High Ground Clearance Car, #Best Ground Clearance Car

Have you ever wondered why Indians are drawn toward SUVs? One of the reasons is the vehicle’s commanding road presence, towering over other cars. We love to make grand entries, and powerful SUVs help us do exactly that. Moreover, SUVs are also popular...

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Carry Your Tribe, Wherever You Go

November 4 2019 , Written by Manas Sharma Published on #renault triber price, #renault triber

Renault’s latest launch, TRIBER is a compact vehicle in an entirely new segment – neither that of a compact hatchback nor of an MPV. Features of both segments have been put together at an unbelievable price point. The Renault TRIBER price in India starts...

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Renault Triber: The New Compact Car on the Block

September 25 2019 , Written by Manas Sharma Published on #Renault Triber

Cars that exude luxury and offer spacious interiors are generally a preferred choice among Indians. Many years ago, this was achieved by Maruti Omni; in recent years, Toyota Innova has set a benchmark for space and comfort, albeit at a much higher price....

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SUV cars in India: How They Have Stood Out

August 30 2019 , Written by Manas Sharma Published on #SUV Cars in India

Big and brawny Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have managed to carve their own niche in the Indian automobile market, after being popular in the US for more than three decades. All the top auto brands, namely Mahindra & Mahindra, Ford India, Renault, Maruti...

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Why should you consider buying Renault Captur?

July 18 2019 , Written by Manas Sharma Published on #Renault Captur Features, #Renault Captur Accessories, #Renault Captur, #Renault Captur Price

Craving for that fresh whiff of a brand new car and the enticing hum of the new engine? Here are some points to keep in mind when buying a new car. It’s important to choose the right vehicle that meets your exacting needs, your budget and taste. SUVs...

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